How To Subscribe (WIP)

Disclaimer: the term ‘RSS’ in this article refers to Really Simple Syndication, a super-easy way for you to subscribe to websites.

Subscribing to RS Magazine is a free and easy way to keep up to date with new articles. Here’s how to do it in different browsers.

Internet Explorer 7

To subscribe, click the orange RSS icon in the top right of the browser.

IE7 Feed Icon

You will then be shown the feed. From here, you need to click the Subscribe to this feed button.

IE7 Subscribe

After choosing a name for the feed and clicking OK once more, you are now subscribed! You can view your subscriptions at any time by clicking the star icon in the top left, and choosing the Feeds tab.

IE7 Feed List

Firefox / Camino

Subscribing in Firefox (and other Mozilla browsers) couldn’t be easier.

When browsing around the site, you will see the orange RSS icon appear to the right of the address bar:

Firefox Feed Icon

After clicking it, Firefox will ask you where in your bookmarks to put the subscription.

Whenever Firefox is opened, it will check the RS Magazine for updates and show them in the bookmarks. And that’s it!

Firefox Viewing Posts


Same principle here – click the orange RSS icon in the address bar, and you will get the following dialog:

Opera Subscribing

Just click OK, and you will be taken to the Opera feed viewer where you can view all of your subscriptions. You can get to this tab at any time by going to Feeds → Read feeds.

Opera Feed Viewer

Internet Explorer 6
(and older browsers)

In these browsers, there is no in-built support for subscribing to websites. We recommend you upgrade your web browser to either Internet Explorer 7, Firefox or Opera. Aside from having built-in support for subscription, they also offer more features and better security.

However, if you cannot / will not upgrade for whatever reason, you may want to check out:

  • Pluck RSS Reader, a plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox that adds subscription functionality;
  • myFeeds, a plugin that adds a ‘lower third’ pane to Internet Explorer to manage subscriptions;
  • … or any of the many standalone readers available for your platform.