Roy and Janet

My entry for this crazy short story thing. Word limit is 500 so I use 499, you can check if you want!

[Editor’s note: this story is for grown-up readers only.]

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My entry for some crazy 500 word story competition in school.

My own company was beginning to dwell on me as I sat in solitude amidst the general clutter of my room. Time to make a move in order to lose, if only for a while, my troglodyte status. So in to the daylight I ventured…

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Splinter Cell : Double Agent on Wii

Can the new “Splinter Cell” game for the Wii mach up to the PS2 version? If you’re the impatient type then the simple answer is no. Read article →

iTunes Infestation Station

Some (well quite a few) views on the music world, but iTunes decided the topics. I started it off on shuffle and whatever came on obviously gave me thoughts. Read to find out what they were…

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Silent but Violent

Ahead of this Friday’s CAIRS Concert, which features the crème de la crème of school talent, ace reporter Dave Sharman caught up with Silent Devices’ frontman Josh Coyne, whose band will be performing on the night.


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Review: Ubisoft’s ‘Red Steel’

Red Steel, one of Ubisoft’s three launch titles for the Wii, brings a healthy dose of guns and mindless violence to the new console. In this review, I’ll share my opinions and experiences of playing Red Steel, and whether it’s worth the £35-40 they’re asking for it.
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A Story…

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What is Feminism?

Dan’s got women on his mind… and he’s got some philosophical help.

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Zone Drone

This weekend sees the return of the Super Bowl. It’s the pinnacle of American sport, American culture and just about anything else that parades itself under that Star Spangled Banner which is so despised throughout many quarters of the world.
The Super Bowl is a massive event which attracts billions of television viewers worldwide. For one Sunday each year, everything Uncle Sam invades the world’s consciousness in order to celebrate the ‘World’ Championship of a sport almost exclusively played in North America. Not all American exports are quite so welcome, though…
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Fur: (n) The thick, soft coat covering a mammal’s body…NOT a human’s

Years ago a woman wouldn’t dare to even step out onto the street wearing fur for fear of being assaulted by a mob of angry animal rights protestors. Today it seems that the protests have failed to the extent where some top designers are including fur on every item possible in their winter ’06 Collections.

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