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X Box Game Review By Tristan Satchwell

Forza Motorsport 3


This game is made by Turn 10 and is a really good game to play.

The object of the game is to buy or select a car and enter several world championships. The idea is to win as many races as you can and win money which helps you buy more powerful cars. You are given cars every time you complete a driver level. These start at one and end at fifty, but this doesn’t mean that the game ends; you can carry on and race for as long as you like.  

Turn 10 has tried to make the game as realistic as possible by introducing assists to help. These are traction control, anti lock brakes, etc. In the game you start with a low powered vehicle to race and end up with a high powered super car. You get a variety of cars from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover and Vauxhall. These cars are fully upgradable. The graphics are also awesome both on the game itself and the packaging.

I recommend Forza Motorsport 3 because anyone who likes cars will love this realistic and challenging game.

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Those feelings I once had
have been shattered against the floor
broken bit by bit till the pieces hit the door
It’s cold and wet where I’m at but 
I feel nothing but the pain
The ripping of my heart is driving me insane
Oh yes those butterflies I once had now tear me apart
All the things you said that once made me happy
bring tears to my eyes because
I know not one was true
not even the, I love you.

By Charlotte Lapsley

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Cheryl Cole leaves Ashley Cole!!


Cheryl Cole is a singer and the X factor presenter. Ashley Cole a famous football player.

They have been married together for 3 and half years, as Cheryl Cole did her song fight for this love at the brits award. While her husband nursed a fractured ankle in the surrey home. As she was busy doing her work, her husband was busy cheating on her.

On Monday she was pictured in LA with the US dancer Derek Hough, 24, who she met while re cording her album 3 Words. A spokesman later said the pair was friends and part of a large group.
Speculation about the possibility that Cole would leave the UK for the US was heightened by reports she had viewed several properties in Los Angeles in the past week.
“Cheryl Cole is separating from her husband, Ashley Cole,” it said. “Cheryl asks the media to respect her privacy during this difficult time. We have no further comment to make.”
By Jemma West

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Song of the Wolf

This moment. The moment we were both waiting for. It had finally come. The moment where the autumn sun had gone down, leaving the moon to shine so brightly over us. This was our moon, the one that ends autumn just in time for winter. This was what we had been waiting for. It made it even better that we were together. It was magical how the moon changed everything in the forest, after the liveliness of the sun; everything had silenced to watch this event. The only thing I could hear were the quiet rustling of the trees as the wind swept through them inaudibly. It felt good laying next to you in the opening, your tail wagged with mine in synchronisation, your shoulder felt warm against mine, our paws were almost touching, it was electric. I felt the urge to place mine on top of yours, to nuzzle your cheek, to lay my head across your neck. I knew you were thinking exactly what I was thinking; I could see your paw edging towards mine, willing me to do exactly that. So I did. Your purring was silky and soft, it was the purr of a she-wolf, angelic in a way, it was individual, no other she-wolf could purr in that way. Your eyes sparkled in the moonlight, a silver-blue, your eyes could always take my breath away, but not like now, this was something else. I thought back on today, the blue sky, the green grass, the orange, yellow and red of the leaves that floated gracefully to the ground. We had spent the whole day together, running, dancing, swimming in rivers, watching clouds. It had been the last day of autumn; it only came once a year, only to be seen once until the next. Now it was time, the moon was up completely, the sun was nowhere to be seen until the morning, only a few seconds until midnight. Three. Two. One. Waiting over. We rose to our feet, and started singing to our moon; we caressed it with the song of the wolf, it was so beautiful. I felt something cold touch my nose, I looked up to the midnight sky, the stars had been covered with wisps of cloud, and it was snowing. You were already dancing and twirling in the gentle drops of white. I joined in; we danced and twirled together, still singing our song. I looked out to the frosty opening, the snow had settled and stopped. As we looked out at our moon once more, I whispered one thing to you, “I love you”.


by Amy Gibbs

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Review by Pedro Camarinha : Phantasy Star Zero

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