Misfits By Abagail Kennedy

Since skins left our TV’s earlier this year, ending season 3 everybody has been anticipating a new teen drama like skins, which gave an opening for Misfits. Everyone is talking about the show and it’s on every Thursday, 10pm on E4.

This drama centres around 5 teenagers on community service. The series starts off when the teens get caught in a strange storm which they then find out they have received superpowers. Think skins meets heroes and you get Misfits. 

The 4th episode is airing Thursday 3rd December. You can catch up on any episodes by logging on to www.channel4.com/programmes/misfits/4od.

The second episode centred around Nathan and an O.A.P’s tea-dance, as part of their community service. Things take a good turn for Nathan as he befriends a beautiful young volunteer.

The link for this episode is:  http://www.channel4.com/programmes/misfits/4od#3010165


Misfits is said to be the number one UK teen drama of the year. Will Misfits be more popular than skins?

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